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Monday, March 11, 2013

DIY Easter Egg Spring Decor Arrangement

Hi, friends!  Today I am sharing my Easter egg centerpiece.  A few weeks ago, when I made my trip to the dollar store, I found these adorable eggs on sticks.  Of course, I had to have all sizes.  They were just too cute!  The Easter letters came from Wal-Mart.  

Easter Egg Spring Decor Arrangement, tutorial, diy, Easter, eggs, centerpiece

The first thing I did was decorate this cute little planter from the dollar store.  

Easter Egg Spring Decor Arrangement, dollar store basket makeover

I love the pretty spring colors, but it was so plain.  So I added a few little details to it. 

dollar store basket makeover, ric rac, Easter

I shared in an earlier post that I was on a mission to try and use up some the items in my craft closet.  I added the blue and pink ric rac using glue dots.  The Easter letters are some more of the scrapbooking letters that I had left over from a Christmas project.  

I added some floral foam I purchased at the dollar store.  I love it when I can find the size I need for a dollar!!  

Easter Egg Spring Decor Arrangement  Life on Lakeshore Drive

My original plan was to paint or wrap the sticks with pipe cleaner.  I decided it still needed something else besides the eggs.  I tried a few spring flowers, but didn't really like the flowers that I had with the eggs.  

I found this Monkey Grass at Hobby Lobby, and decided it was just what the arrangement needed.  

I cut off about 4 pieces of the Monkey Grass, and then placed the large piece of grass in the center of the foam. 

Then I placed the extra cut pieces around the edges of the foam to make it look fuller.

Easter Egg Spring Decor Arrangement

I placed the eggs throughout the grass.  

attach wire to skewer

To make some of the eggs taller, I wrapped floral wire on the end of the eggs before placing them in the foam.  I also added the floral wire to the Easter letters to make them taller.

The Easter letters didn't have the sticks, so I used skewers to add them to the arrangement. I also add some of the little plastic flower fillers that I found at the dollar store to the base of the arrangement.  I forgot to take a picture of those.

Easter Egg Spring Decor Arrangement

I love the greenery with the colorful eggs.  I thought about trimming the grass down a bit, but I kind of like the wild look.  

Easter Egg Spring Decor Arrangement, DIY, Easter bouquet, centerpiece

It's just what my little plant stand needed in the corner of my kitchen.  I love the burst of spring colors.  It's amazing what a splash of color will do for a room.

Thank you so much for stopping by!  I love hearing from you.  



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