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Mary Marcotte said...

Hi Kathy,
Sorry I haven't responded to your comment earlier (Fleur de Lis Quilts), but I wanted a chance to take a look at your blog, which I LOVE, and to be able to think. It's crazy that I've answering tonight, but we've opened gifts, eaten too much and cleaned the kitchen. Everyone is playing a board game, so finally, a moment!

Thanks for your wonderful comments and for becoming a follower. I'm now following your blog and must tell you the cupcake and lollipop tutorials are fabulous. I'm thinking of using your idea for a service project at Beta convention: Betas will make lollipop decorations to donate to nursing homes for Valentines. Since your tutorial is so well written, I'll print out the url for the kids to go look at directions. All I have to do is purchase the foam, wire and paint. I assume that since you're a teacher, you can appreciate that bit of info. Hope you and yours had a blessed Christmas,

With A Blast said...

Hi Kathy, your Valentine's wreath is stunning ! {I could only read it in my reader, the link says the page does not exist?} Anyways, I love the wreath :-)

Unknown said...

Hey Kathy-
Its Becky from Your Modern Family. I had to change my facebook page- here is the new one. :)


PamLuvsPink said...

Hi Kathy!!

The name Lakeshore Drive reminds me of a street named that in and around Montreal. I know there are Lakeshore Drives probably all over the world, but, you look so familiar!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy,
I've just started blogging and I've been following your blog for awhile. I always enjoy it.
Each time I look at the channel-back chair upholstery that you did in the black and white composers name script, I am impressed again. I own a small antique shop in Richmond, IL and I met a Polish man who does some upholstery for me, but he won't take on a channel-back chair, he said that it is just too hard!
What I wanted to ask you, Kathy, is about your Linking Parties...does a person have to be on Blogger or can someone on Wordpress join?
I'm not sure I have enough to offer now as I began my blog in September and only have five posts, so I'm asking for the future. I still haven't figured out Wordpress completely and have spent a lot of time trying to figure it out. I bought two books, but they were not really much help.
And then there is that pesky making a living that gets in the way.

50something said...

Just caught your blog from a recipe that was posted on Pinterest. I've done this recipe for years, but we call it Lemon Chicken and it's exactly like yours but lemon juice is added to the sour cream and soup mixture. Gives it a little bit of a tang : ) Also, love the title of your blog b/c I live right off Lakeshore Drive and wondered if it was the same Lakeshore as yours, knowing more than likely it's not. I live in Rockwall, TX. Wondering if it's the same Lakeshore????

Kards by Kathi said...

I was looking at your lollipops made from caulk and was wondering the following:

1 - How did you get the stripes on them.

2 - Does the caulk get hard?

Thanks for your time and talent.

Unknown said...

I can't leave a comment on the party post for some reason - so I'm thanking you here instead :)
Hope you're having a great weekend Kathy !

mafltransplant said...

Love your pine cone trees! I have a question re: prep of the pine cones. I remember when I lived up north, my girlfriend's mother made some pine cone wreaths & they had to prep the cones by putting them in the oven for a while. I don't really remember the reasons, but I think one of the reasons was to kill the bugs that can be found in the cones.

Since I also live in the south, I also have an easier resource for the cones. I'd love to get an early start on Christmas, 2017 decorations. (Being the great procrastinator that I am, that probably means 11/17!!)


Maria Elena said...

Hi Kathy. This is Maria at Our Home Away from Home blog. For some reason today it is showing in my blog right across my header a link to your blog party. I am contacting you to see if you know how this happened, because no matter what I try, I can not remove it. This is the second time it happens. The las time it was across one of my blog posts and I thought it was a glitch, but it just happened again today. I will appreciate any help you can give me with this issue. Thank you and take care. Maria

Unknown said...

I’d love to purchase and send the smaller tree with the cardinals to my aunt in Maryland from myself- her niece- to remember my mom we lost- Is that a posibillty - doesn’t even have to be by christmas-

Thank you
Meaghan Windham
Just a girl wanting to remember my mother/best friend with her sister/best friend

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

I was wondering how to join? I'm going to make pine tree and was wondering what else I could do with them?