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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Bouquet of Talent Party Short Break

Dear friends my computer reached the point of no return.  I decided to buy a new computer instead of  paying a ridiculous price for an old computer.  So with one more week of school left, I’m not rushing to get a new computer.  The Bouquet of Talent Party will return on June 15th.  Thank you so much for your patience and your loyalty!   I am so sorry!!   See you soon!  Xoxoxo


My thrift store addiction said...

Kathy, computer issues are so frustrating! Thank you for all of the parties you've hosted and I look forward to the next one!

Ann said...

Ugh! Computer problems...I feel your pain, Kathy! Concentrate on getting through the last week of school, and we'll see you in June.

Queenbeebaker said...

Enjoy your break! Will be back on June 15th! :-D

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