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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Antique Skeleton Keys and a Precious Moment

Here lately I've had an obsession with skeleton keys.  So I cannot tell you how excited and very touched I was to find my grandparent's key to their old farm house in Missouri in the bottom of my grandmother's  sewing box.  You see, my very beloved grandmother passed away in March at the age of 97.   After several days of cleaning out her house, dividing her things with family, and renting the largest U Haul truck they make we headed back to Louisiana.   It took weeks to actually go through all the boxes I'd brought back.  One day my daughter needed me to sew a hole in her shirt, and I decided to use my grandmother's thread since mine was lost in the sea of boxes.

                                 alt="antique skeleton key"


As I was digging through the box to find what I needed, a flood of emotion came over me as I saw that precious skeleton key.  Those memories of watching my grandparents lock or unlock that old farm house door came pouring out.  My grandparent's had moved to "town" many years ago, but  kept the farm house as a reprieve from the long hours of a farmer.  Here is the key that is near and dear to my heart.

alt="antique skeleton key"

alt="antique skeleton key"
Needless to say, my daughter thought I had lost my mind.  LOL   FYI, somehow I did manage to pull myself together and get that hole sewn up!  Of course, finding this key only made my obsession and adoration for those old skeleton keys worse.   I will be sharing a few projects I have made to add antique keys into my decor.                                      


Doreen@foxdenrd said...

Hi Kathy! I am resurrecting this post from your archives. For some reason, as I sit here at nearly midnight, I had the urge to go back to when you first started blogging and check out some of your posts and this one struck me. It's funny how certain objects can mean so much, isn't it?

I also notice this post didn't get any comments, but it was only your second one so that's not uncommon. Now it has one :).

Wouldn't it have been cool if your grandparents had a blog and you had the ability to read everything they wrote for years to come? Did you ever think of your blog in that way? As sort of an on line diary? Kinda puts things in a different perspective, doesn't I?


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