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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Easter Bunny Wreath Tutorial

Hi, friends!  Well,  I am back with one more of my wreaths.  I shared in my last post that I have made 3 wreaths for spring and Easter.  Here is wreath #2 that I made for my classroom.  I found the adorable little bunny face at the dollar store and decided he needed a body to go along with that cute little face.  Yes, I have been back to The Dollar Tree, and found lots of fun things to decorate with as always!   

I am on a mission this spring to try my best to use up some of the many crafting supplies I have in 2 of my craft closets.   I definitely got my love for crafting and creating from my sweet grandmother.  I ended up with boxes full of crafting supplies that she had in her closets.   I also ended up with both of my grandmother's sewing machines, and I am very sad to say I have yet to open those up and get busy sewing.  It is on my never-ending to do list though.  

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The reason I shared all of that about my grandmother's crafting supplies I ended up with is because this bunny wreath was made from her yarn.  As you can see by the photo below, this  yarn is from way back in the day!!  LOL  

We used to make those macrame hanging plant holders.  I learned how to do that at Girl Scout Camp and I taught her that one.  Precious memories!  I know I am being very sentimental, because we lost her exactly one year ago this week.  She would be thrilled to know I am putting all of things to good use. 

Back to this little bunny wreath!  I love this yarn because it is wide and fluffy!  

macrame yarn
I decided to use this to make the body of the bunny, and I did it the same way that I made my blue wreath.  I used a pool noodle and placed a wire hanger inside the noodle, except I gave this one more of an oval shape.  I didn't do another tutorial for that, but you can see that post here if you missed it.  

Wreath, spring decor, Easter, bunny, how to, Tutorial, DIY, home decor, yarn, pool noodle,

Because the yarn is so much larger, this one really did not take long to wrap at all.  Once I had it all wrapped up, I cut out the arms and feet patterns from poster board. 

bunny feet pattern
Here is what I used for the feet.  I thought I had taken photos of the arms, but I couldn't find them in my massive photo collection.  Another project on my to do list.....organize photos!

bunny feet pattern with yarn
I used my glue gun to glue the yarn onto the poster board.  I wrapped the yarn just like I did the noodle.  

how to make a bunny cotton tail
To make the cute little cotton tail, I wrapped the yarn around a piece of cardboard.  

how to make a bunny cotton tail
I slid the yarn off, and tied the middle of it with a piece of the yarn.  Then I cut the ends and fluffed up the pieces.  

Easter bunny wreath

I cut some pink little pads for the bottom of the bunny feet.  I used floral pins to attach all of the pieces to the wreath.  

I also found those adorable carrot eggs at the dollar store!  I loved them so much, they were one of the reasons that I wanted to make this wreath.  I did use the glue gun to glue the eggs to a piece of twine, and then glued the twine to the paws.  

Wreath, spring decor, Easter, bunny, how to, Tutorial, DIY, home decor, yarn, pool noodle,

Since I think every wreath has to have a bow, I had to add a little bow tie to complete the wreath.  The ribbon was also another dollar store find. They had some really pretty spring and Easter ribbon!  Yep, I stocked up on that, too!  :)

I debated on wrapping the bunnies face in the yarn so it would match the rest of the body, but decided I had enough time invested in it.  That would be an option if you wanted to take this wreath one step further.  Another variation would be to add a basket with spring flowers in it, instead of adding the carrots.  

Thank you so much for stopping by to see my little Easter bunny! I will save the third wreath for awhile, and share some of my spring decor in the next few posts.  I hope you are having a great week!!  


Laurie @ Stylin Savanna said...

Well this is just the cutest darn thing EVER!

Penny @ Penny's Vintage Home said...

This is so cute Kathy....hugs, Penny

Red Rose Alley said...

This wreath is darling, Kathy. I love how you made a body for it. What makes it even more special is that you used your Grandmother's yarn for it. What a creative project. Have a happy week.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Tanusree said...

this is so cute.

Anonymous said...

That is one of the top cutest wreaths I have ever seen! It's just adorable. And I like how you used your grandmother's yarn! It makes it mean that much more!

Gail @Purple Hues and Me said...

This is as cute as can be! You are so creative, as always! Your mom is smiling down on you loving every moment!

Winnie said...

I'm in love with this cute bunny !!
You are so creative Kathy !:)

Unknown said...

This is so cute!!!!..I'm tempted to make one now that you've posted a tutorial, but I have to ask the little man first...he tends to get a little freaked out by big faces of all kinds...I love it though!

Jana@Transformations From the Heart said...

It's great having sweet memories of your Grandmother. Mine was my most favorite and special person in the world to me while I was growing up.
Love your bunny~super adorable!

Unknown said...

So, so, so cute Kathy!!!!

xo, Tanya

Unknown said...

So cute and clever. Thank you for sharing at Memories by the Mile.
Pinning it. See you next week.
Wanda Ann @ Memories by the Mile

My Recent Favorite Books said...

I loved reading the memories about your Grandmother. =)

My Grandmother was so special to me, she passed away in 2010.

I love your Bunny! he is so cute!!

PJH Designs said...

How adorable is that?! I love it Kathy. Awwww I want one. lol Have a great rest of the week.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

That is so freaking cute!! I love remaking things from the dollar store to be super cute things.

Stopping by from Adorned From Above Blog Hop.

Alexis from Running Away? I'll Help You Pack!

Unknown said...

Kathy, this is so fun! I've never seen a bunny wreath made like this...very clever!

I'd love for you to share this at my March Madness Party.


Happy Hump Day!

joy said...

You are so creative:)

JoAnn SweetPepperRose said...

Sweet bunny wreath!

Jenna said...

Too too too cute!

Jenna @ http://rainonatinroof.com

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Super cute and very creative! Thanks for linking up :)


Angie Generose said...

This is so cute! I've never thought of making a wreath for Easter. My kids would love it too.

Each week I host a link party at my site (www.easylivingmom.com) - it starts on Thursdays and goes all week. I would love it if you would be able to join and share this! Have a great day!


Unknown said...

That is the cutest thing ever. Thank you so much for the tutorial. I am one of your new followers.


bj said...

This is so adorable...cute as can be.

Ana Love Craft said...

This is too adorable, Kathy! Thanks so much for sharing the great tutorial!
Have a fabulous day!
Hugs from Portugal,

Ana Love Craft

Unknown said...

Very cute!

Sherry @ Thrift My House said...

This is adorable! I love crafting and I'm so excited to be your newest follower. I'd love a visit from you whenever you have the time.

Tammy said...

So cute! So fun! Thank you for linking this up to Rustic Restorations Weekend!

Crafts a la Mode said...

Love your wreaths! Take care, Linda

Homemade Heather said...

Too Cute!! Featured today :)

vesselsmemories said...

Hi Kathy!
I love this bunny wreath! I love your blog and all the neat things you have in it :) Thanks for stopping by mine, too. I'll be back :)
@ A Place for Pictures and Memories

Sarah Leonard said...

This is adorable - such a cute wreath idea :)

Thanks for linking up!

Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

Anonymous said...

You Easter Bunny wreath is soooooo cute!!! I love it! Thanks for sharing @ Submarine Sunday!


mail4rosey said...

This is really cute. I just saw an Easter Egg wreath and was surprised I hadn't noticed them any year prior. I guess Pinterest and blogs have been tweaking my crafting/decorating notions. ;)

You did a great job with yours.
I'm visiting today from the Raising Imperfection hop.

Christina at I Gotta Create! said...

Awww what a cutie!

Thank you for partying with the Wildly Original Crowd.
<3 Christina at I Gotta Create!

Julie said...

This is super cute, Kathy! Stopping by from Alderberry Hill's party but I see you also share this at my Marvelous Mondays party. Thanks so much! :)


Leslie @ Violet Imperfection said...

Such a cute little bunny!

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One More Time Events said...

Hi Kathy... Wanted to let you know you were featured at One More Time...you really know how to put a wreath together...love them all.

Unknown said...

Super fun for spring... Thanks for coming to (link) party with me at Super Saturday Show & Tell :) xoxo~ Ruthie

Michelle Carvalho said...

What an adorable idea, I love the dollar store!!
Thanks for linking up to our Crafty Thursday Obsessions linky party, hope to see you back this week :)

Deborah@Green Willow Pond said...

Cute bunny wreath Kathy! I'm sure your class will love it. I'm sorry for the loss of your grandmother. I lost mine a little over two years ago. So glad you will have these things you've made from her stash to remember her by.

Thank you for sharing it at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great weekend!


Christine said...

Oh my goodness!! It's just so ADORABLE!!

Thanks for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality! Can't wait to see what you link up tomorrow evening :)

PJH Designs said...

Kathy I'm so proud to be featuring your bunny wreath this week on Transformed Tuesday. Have a great week.

Peggy~PJH Designs

Krystie said...

Grandmothers are special people! They would absolutely love to hang one of your wreaths on their door! You are so creative!

Unknown said...

I love to see Easter decorations and an Easter bunny is always one of my favourites. This wreath is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing on Creative Monday Kathy.

Lanaya | Raising Reagan said...

Such a cute wreath ~ and I love that it has more character than a traditional round wreath!

Thank you for linking to Raising Imperfection.
Please come back Friday to see if you were featured. :)

(¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

Crafts a la Mode said...

Awesome tutorial, Kathy! Have a good week. Linda

Fluster Buster said...

Thank you for linking up at Fluster's Creative Muster. Hope to see you next week!

Robin @ Fluster Buster

Unknown said...

I love how you thought outside the box with this wreath.....I'm sure you will inspire others to think outside the box too! Thanks so much for sharing at March Madness

The Thriftiness Miss said...

This is absolutely adorable! I love the feet!

Thanks so much for sharing it with us at Weekend Wonders! Hope to see you again on Thursday :)

Unknown said...

Your bunny wreath is so cute. Love the little feet too. Thanks for sharing on Thursdays Treasures.

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Hippity Hoppity Easter is on it's way! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

Debbie @DewdropGables said...

Kathy, he is so cute! I love his face, it gives a nice contrast to the body. He may have been a lot of work, but your adorable wreath is so worth it! Love it!
Debbie :)

Shannon Barefoot said...

super cute! I especially love how you added the feet :) Thanks for sharing at The Weekly Creative.

Shannon @ Sewing Barefoot

Pieced Pastimes said...

Hi Kathy,
This is such a cute wreath! It's so lovely that you are using your grandmothers's crafting supplies. I am sure she is smiling down on you.
Thanks for linking this up to Saturday Sparks.
Have a Wonderful Day,
Pieced Pastimes

Crystal said...

this is absolutely adorable!


The Charm of Home said...

So cute!

DC in STYLE said...

It looks super adorable! So creative! By the way, I’m hosting a Link-Up party and would be thrilled if you decided to participate!!!

Misty Kearns said...

I looove this, so cute! Pinning it! Thanks for linking up at Motivating Monday at CEO of Me this week!

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Oh wow, this is fun!!!! We love your projects! Thank you so much for linking up in our Crafty Showcase! You are always so inspiring!

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Ashley said...

How adorable! Thanks for sharing!!

Unknown said...

This bunny is SO cute! Thanks for linking up @ The Patriotic Pam this weekend.

Unknown said...

Love the bunny wreath...clever idea! I pinned it to my Easter board. Thanks for sharing it at the Rock N Share! I am your newest follower (GFC).