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Monday, September 3, 2012

A Big Win for Me and a Party for You!

Hi, friends!!  I know I have been MIA this past week.  I've tried to keep up with my emails and comments, but that is about it.  Last week was a super crazy week!  This past weekend I headed to Missouri for my 30 Year Class Reunion.  I cannot believe it's been 30 years.  I was asked to make 12 posters for the reunion right before we left for vacation.  I thought no big deal, I can handle that.  Then school started the week I got back.  So last week all of my spare time was spent finishing up the posters.  Apparently, I work much better under pressure.  :)  Then last week Hurricane Isaac decided to come for a visit.  We were very blessed where I live to only receive heavy winds and a steady rain.  We were not so lucky traveling Friday!  We drove through horrible weather for 7 hours and finally arrived at 2:30 AM.  It was worth it all to see so many friends that I haven't seen in years!   Needless to say, the three projects I have going are not finished.  Booo

I do have a big announcement and a huge THANK YOU to The Gals......Amiee, Kimberly, and Shasta!!!

I am the winner of one free year hosting link parties with Inlinkz tools!!  I promise you there was a HAPPY DANCE.  :)  I am so excited.  For all of you awesome, creative bloggers it means a new Linky Party for you!

Thank you wonderful ladies for hosting such a great giveaway!!! Next Sunday, I will hold the very first Bouquet of Talent Linky Party.

 It will be a link up for all you creative bloggers to share crafts, recipes, DIY, home decor, etc.  

I also want to have a Fall Roundup Party in a few weeks, so get those fall projects finished and ready to go!! 

I really wanted to get this pine cone tree post finished tonight, but my nonstop weekend is literally making this Labor Day a day of no labor.  :)  Gather up all the pine cones you can find, and I will get this tutorial posted.  I took this photo with my phone last year so it's not the best.  I actually made 3 of these trees and used them all the way the through Christmas.

Have a wonderful week!  Tomorrow I am announcing a giveaway for reaching 200 followers!  Thank you so much dear friends for your support.  :)  You are all awesome!



Jeanette said...

Lucky us! Can't wait for the party!

Kristie said...

Boy, you sure have had a whirlwind of activities going on. Aren't class reunions fun? I went to my 20th but haven't been to anymore. It is good to see people you went to school with although I barely recognized some of them and if they hadn't had a name tag on I doubt I would have known who they were. HAH

Glad to hear you weren't impacted badly by Hurricane Isaac. My heart goes out to the people of Louisiana...they don't seem to be able to get a break. :)

Vintage Street Designs said...

That's fantastic!!! I just scheduled your party in so hope to see you next Sunday!

Jenny Lynn said...

Glad you won. I know you will make a great hostess. Looking forward to your Linky party.

Gayle215 said...

I can't wait to see the tutorial for the pinecone tree! it looks amazing.

srpprcrftr said...

I also can't wait for the pine cone tree tutorial. Love it. I make something every year for Christmas gifts with pine cones, use them around the house for fall/winter decorating also. Love your blog and am a new subscriber. Found you thru a link from Cozy Little House.
I get alot of the really little pine cones at a state park close to our house, they're all over the ground. They're good for little projects or to fill in holes on bigger ones like your tree. When we moved to CO I actually transported a few bags of pine cones from KY where we'd lived before. We had pine cone trees between our property and next door so I was in heaven. Looking forward to visiting your blog often.

Lisa said...

Woohoo.. glad you won. I love the Pine Cone Tree. Can't wait to see how to make that. I hope I can find some Pine Cones in my neck of the woods. I may have to buy some. lol
I believe I live in a area free of them. Oh well... to craft store I shall go.


Lisa said...

Woohoo.. glad you won. I love the Pine Cone Tree. Can't wait to see how to make that. I hope I can find some Pine Cones in my neck of the woods. I may have to buy some. lol
I believe I live in a area free of them. Oh well... to craft store I shall go.


Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

Congrats on your win! How exciting!

Unknown said...

Thank you! So excited to host the first party! :)

Unknown said...

I did have so much fun! What's really bad is when there is a few people you don't even remember!! Even with a name tag. LOL

I do feel for those that lost everything due to flooding. It's so sad. They have been through so much!! Thanks for your visit. :)

Unknown said...

YAY, I can't wait!! See you soon. Thanks for your visit. :)

Unknown said...

I'm almost finished with it! Actually I did get it finished, but it was after dark. LOL Going to take some outside pics and I will post tomorrow. :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much joining! I finished my post, but it was after dark. LOL I'm going to get some outside pics and hope to post tomorrow. Being gone all weekend really messed up my crafting time. :)

One thing we have plenty of around here is pine cones. I brought some huge, gorgeous pine cones from MO, too! I think I picked up everyone my aunt had in her yard. I really want to make a wreath with those one of these days. They are so pretty and shiny. I know you will miss the pine cones.

Thanks again for stopping by! Looking forward to your visits. I would love to see some of your pine cone crafts. :)

Unknown said...

Thank you so much! I did get the post finished, but I am going to take some outside pics tomorrow! The pics just show up so much better. I wish I could send you some of the pine cones around here. That's one thing we have plenty of. :)

Thanks for your visit and I will get the tutorial up tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Thank you!! I am so excited. If I hadn't spent have a day on making the button yesterday, I would have finished my pine cone tree post. LOL

LifeLessOrdinary said...

Kathy, I wish you all the best on your new linky party. I was so happy when I saw your name come out of the rafflecopter widget as the winner. You are going to enjoy working with the inLinkz link tools! Please know that I am always available to help you if your need it. I look forward to promoting your new party on the LinkyHere social media sites :)

Good luck,
@InTheOldRoad & @LinkyHere

Theresa said...

Popping in to say hi! I love pine cones, although I am not ready for winter crafting lol. I like your kitty we have a Siamese. I am following you back. Visiting from @ DearCreatives.com

Unknown said...

Oh, thank you so much!! I have been so busy this week I missed your sweet comment!!! Sooo sorry. I am so excited! I couldn't believe it. I have been reading up this afternoon. I will let you know before I post tomorrow. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all your support, wonderful help, and friendship! HUGE HUGS sweet friend. :)

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