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Friday, June 15, 2012

Stairway Inspiration

I have had a major problem with our second flight of stairs since we moved into our house a little over a year ago!   Here is a picture of the stairs the week we moved in.  It feels so closed in.   I spy a little doggie on those stairs.  Meet my sweet Jack Russell, Baby.  She loves to have her picture taken.

alt="vinyl wall decor art on stairs"
It is a tight space and just plain ole blah. There is a skylight on the landing, but it still doesn't help that little cave like space.   My goal was to stencil the ceiling above the stairs with a pretty chevron or damask pattern.  Here's the problem, there is really no where to put a ladder or a chair to reach the ceiling.  So somewhere in the near future I decided  I would just use a roller to paint the ceiling over the stairs a bright, cheerful color.

One day while my daughter and I were at  Hobby Lobby we picked up a few wall decals.  I really planned on using one set of  them on the wall going up the first flight of stairs above the fleur de lis. 
alt="vinyl wall decor art on stairs"

Once I opened the box to my dismay,  the words weren't nearly as large as I thought. Uh  nooo, I didn't actually  read the size on the box.  I just looked at that lovely picture on the front of the box, and decided I had to have them.   FYI peeps, looks can be deceiving!  Always read the fine print.  LOL The size of my wall just swallowed up those cute little words.

alt="vinyl wall decor art on stairs"

That's when I had the idea exactly what I  needed to do with them!!!  Finally, I had an easy fix for my claustrophobic staircase.  Ohhh, this was so much easier than trying a complicated design on that ceiling.                                                               

alt="vinyl wall decor art on stairs"
                                      Please excuse the daughter's hat to cover that glaring light!  :)

alt="vinyl wall decor art on stairs"

alt="vinyl wall decor art on stairs"
alt="vinyl wall decor art on stairs"
alt="vinyl wall decor art on stairs"

Not only did it give a focal point for that small area, but what an inspiration and reminder we have each morning as we head down those stairs.  Well, okay I  really do climb those stairs many times a day.  Do you have those senior moments where you go after one thing, get distracted, and then have to return to that same room again???  Yep, I do that more than I like to admit these days.  My small craft room is that door to the right, and yes I visit it many times a day.

alt"=vinyl wall decor art on stairs"

  I apologize for the dark pictures.  As I said earlier, this is a dark area and the lighting was not cooperating day or night.   

I am not giving up on my dream to add some chevron or stripes, but this will definitely work until then.    I hope this has inspired you to find a solution for that stubborn spot in your home that needs a little something something!  Do you have a hopeless area in your home that you just don't know what to do with it, or have you found a creative solution that worked in your home?  I would love to hear about!!     



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